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US $200.00

Advanced Working Capital for Trade

The Advanced Working Capital for Trade course will enhance your understanding of the cash flow and working capital cycle of commercial companies of all sizes.
CTFP Core Courses
US $150.00

Introduction to Capital and Pricing

This course provides an introduction to the Basel III rules on Capital Adequacy and explains how Credit Risk and Liquidity Risk is measured.
GTC Elective Courses

Certified Trade Finance Professional (CTFP)

Certification Programmes
US $749.00

Certified Trade Finance Professional (For GTC and CDCS Holders)

Certification Programmes
US $1099.00

Global Trade Certificate (GTC)

Certification Programmes
US $200.00

Digital Trade Finance & Fintechs

The Digital Trade Finance course will provide you with an overview of the Digital Trade Finance/Digital Commerce world including the advent of Fintechs, the legal, regulatory & commercialisation challenges involved, and describe broad ranged trends and solutions that are available to support international trade.
CTFP Elective Course