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US $150.00

Introduction to Supply Chain Finance

This introductory course provides a practical overview of the high-growth area of Supply Chain Finance (SCF)—an emerging proposition in the financing of international commerce which covers the majority of global trade flows.
GTC Elective Courses
US $200.00

Advanced Supply Chain Finance

This course will give you an in-depth understanding of the key events in the physical supply chain and their financial consequences, as well as the relevant application of supply chain finance products.
CTFP Core Courses
US $299.00

Supply Chain Finance Course Bundle

Course Bundles
US $1099.00

Global Trade Certificate (GTC)

Certification Programmes
US $200.00

Digital Trade Finance & Fintechs

The Digital Trade Finance course will provide you with an overview of the Digital Trade Finance/Digital Commerce world including the advent of Fintechs, the legal, regulatory & commercialisation challenges involved, and describe broad ranged trends and solutions that are available to support international trade.
CTFP Elective Course

Certified Trade Finance Professional (CTFP)

Certification Programmes
US$ 499.00

Certificate in Digital Trade Strategy (CDTS)

The objective of the course is to provide attendees with a deep understanding of the various components required to digitize trade and supply chain processes at scale.
Certification Programmes
US $749.00

Certified Trade Finance Professional (For GTC and CDCS Holders)

Certification Programmes
US $200.00

Advanced Commodity Finance

In this course, you will learn about the three types of commodities, their features, and the risks involved. Additionally, the course will cover how the major players and trading houses in this sector are shaping the supply chains and their respective roles.
CTFP Elective Course