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US $199.00

Certificate In Responsible Green Marketing Communications (RGMC)

The objective of this certification is to give you a clear understanding of the difference between truthful, substantiated environmental marketing communications and false misleading statements that can lead to accusations of "greenwashing".
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US $350.00

Certificate on the Common Reporting Standard (CCRS)

Designed for compliance, finance and tax professionals, the Certificate on Common Reporting Standards (CCRS) aims to provide an understanding of the key requirements and intentions of the CRS regime, and how to incorporate them as part of a strategic compliance operating model.
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US $200.00

Ethical Marketing and Advertising Certificate (EMA)

This ICC course expands on a programme initially developed with the international business school INSEAD. Its purpose is to promote global awareness and use of ICC’s internationally-recognised Marketing and Advertising Codes, and is aimed at developing the skills needed to create, design and deliver responsible marketing communications.
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US $75.00

ICC Model Confidentiality Agreement

This is a balanced model taking into account interests of both disclosing and receiving parties.
US $350.00

NVOCC Bill of Lading (NBL)

The International Maritime Bureau (IMB) estimates from its work in verifying Bills of Lading that over 95% of all improperly issued Bills of Lading are issued by Non-Vessel Owning Common Carriers (NVOCCs). This online course aims to raise standards and reliability of maritime trade for active NVOCCs and their trading partners operating in the global market.
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